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COVID-19 Deployment Opportunity in the WHO African Region

Under the coordination of the WHO Emergency Medical Teams Secretariat, we are looking for highly experienced healthcare professionals who demonstrate experience with clinical management of severe and critical COVID-19 patients and with application of infection prevention and control measures in COVID-19 to provide technical and operational support and enhance the capacity of managing COVID-19 pandemic in the WHO African Region.


  • Provide technical support to the available staff in the hospital in using and adapting COVID-19 treatment protocols based on currently available knowledge and WHO recommendations.
  • Provide guidance to staff in the designated hospital including on-the-job training and skills transfers for the management of severe and critical patients.
  • Monitor the implementation of the systems and procedures for triage at healthcare facilities.

Required education and experience

  • University degree from an accredited/recognized institution with a specialization and clinical experience in the required specialized field.
  • Physicians (emergency and intensive care physicians, anesthesiologists, infectious diseases specialists).
  • Nurses (emergency and intensive care nurses).
  • Rehabilitation specialists (experience in rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients for ICU or step-down care).
  • Biomedical technicians (experience in installation and maintenance of biomedical equipment relevant for the care of COVID-19 patients such as oxygen equipment, ventilators, infusion pumps).
  • Educational/training background is highly desirable.
  • Excellent knowledge of English and/or French.

Employment type

Minimum 2 weeks, deployment as early as possible after the request from the specific WHO Country Offices (WCO), facilitated by CRIMEDIM, the EMT Secretariat at WHO HQ and the WCO.

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