Maria grazia fiori - italy (Humanitarian medic)

“Humanitarian Medic is an innovative training course, peculiar in its structure and organization because it provides all the basic knowledge to face and deal with particular situations in the area of disaster medicine. This knowledge is transferred also by exposing students to professional, technical and emotional challenges during simulation exercises and real life scenarios, presented during the Master course.”

Annet Alenyo Ngabirano - uganda (emdm)

“As a national health advisor in disaster medicine, I had the huge responsibility of advising on the management of disasters and I quickly realized that my fundamental medical training had not prepared me to face disaster situations. EMDM was simply eye opener for me and gave me a family of disaster medicine specialists willing to support me.”

marco antonio becerril ruiz - mexico (tdmt)

“I was at the hospital at the very time the earthquake struck. The hospital got damaged and we had to evacuate. Many buildings were destroyed, people are trapped and we have patients coming in. I’m impressed but happy we had a quick and efficient response. However, we’re running out of material and staff are doing extra shifts... We’re getting tired. The civil population is helping with the search of trapped people and many have brought us food and supplies. The TdmT course at CRIMEDIM did a lot! I helped in the evacuation during the earthquake and the immediate logistics of setting up the hospital areas in the parking lot.”