DisasterSISM is a national innovative multilevel educational program developed by CRIMEDIM in collaboration with Segretariato Italiano Studenti in Medicina (SISM) designed for medical students, that aims to provide young future physicians with the basic and advanced knowledge of Disaster Medicine.

The project consist of three different educational levels:

DisasterTEAM is a “train the trainer”, aiming to provide students with knowledge about Disaster Medicine and the necessary expertise and competences to effectively transfer this knowledge to other students, though the Basic and Advanced courses.

The courses are delivered combining traditional instructor-led teaching and innovative didactic methodologies, such as e-learning, problem-based learning, table-top exercises and computerized simulations, encompassing the three broad areas of Disaster Medicine:

In 2014, DisasterSISM has been awarded with the first price for the ‘activity fair’ at the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations August Meeting General Assembly 2014. With the partnership of IFMSA, DisasterTEAM becomes a worldwide program that provides the participants the necessary competencies to create and deliver basic disaster medicine courses in all medical schools across the world, using the same innovative training methods.