Adaptation solutions to reduce climate change impact on health in the Mountain area

MOUNTADAPT is a Horizon 2023 project funded by the European Commission, whose consortium involves 27 partners from all over Europe. The project aims at enhancing health system resilience to the adverse effects of climate change, including extreme weather events, within European Alpine biogeographical regions.

Capitalizing on past projects and initiatives, Mountadapt will improve prediction of the health effects of climate change, foster the responsiveness of the health system in the context of climate change, strengthen health professionals’ capacities to face climate change-induced threats, and identify, test and upscale pioneering solutions in designated demonstration sites in Austria, Slovenia, Romania, and France.

CRIMEDIM is part of the consortium and will have a key role in investigating the impacts of extreme weather events on the health system, as well as in developing an evidence-based disaster preparedness guidance and training package for health systems in alpine regions.