general information

The International Doctoral Program in Global Health, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Medicine is an interdisciplinary PhD program designed and offered by the Università del Piemonte Orientale (UPO) through the Center for Research and Training in Disaster Medicine, Humanitarian Aid and Global Health (CRIMEDIM).

Professors from all UPO departments, together with experts and faculty members from all over the world will guide candidates in acquiring knowledge, skills, interest, and methodologies to carry out innovative research in the fields of global health, humanitarian aid or disaster medicine.

PhD candidates will perform their research activities in CRIMEDIM headquarters in Novara (Italy) or within other UPO departments or laboratories, under the supervision of professors or researchers of a relevant department and in strong cooperation with a young and motivated team of junior and senior researchers and PhD fellows. 

The PhD starts on the 1st of November of each academic year. Candidates’ commitment to education within the doctoral program is full-time and activities outside the scope of the program are authorised by the faculty board when these do not hamper successful completion of the PhD.

The research studies can focus on different disciplines, but they must adhere to one of the three main themes: global health, humanitarian aid, or disaster medicine. Applicants are encouraged to develop a research proposal adhering to one of the topics listed. Open applications are also possible for proposals that align with CRIMEDIM’s main research priorities.

Training plan, courses and activities

Candidates have the right to participate in all the activities foreseen by the educational objectives and the study program. They must attend courses and continuously carry out study and research activities. It is expected that candidates attend all lectures and seminars in the PhD program.

The PhD program relies on a set of lectures, courses, and events to deliver the necessary knowledge to candidates. Its educational activity encompasses different types of learning methods:

Entry Requirements

Admission to the Doctoral Program is highly competitive: applicants must possess a very good academic record, previous research experience, and a keen interest in global health, humanitarian aid and/or disaster medicine research.

The minimum academic requirement for admission as a PhD student is to hold a Master’s degree. Candidates who did not graduate in an English-speaking country must provide evidence of their proficiency in English, which will be tested during the oral interview.

Each year, UPO offers a limited number of scholarships to the candidates who received the highest score in the selection process. The scholarships are meant to cover research and living costs for the whole duration of the PhD (3 years).

The tuition fee is 350 € per year for candidates holding a scholarship and 140 € for candidates without a scholarship.

For the 2023-2024 edition, CRIMEDIM is offering 5 positions in total: