Michelangelo Bortolin

Michelangelo works for the EMS 118 of Torino (Italy) as an emergency physician.

He was a Research Fellow in Disaster Medicine / EMS at the “BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine” (BIDMC is a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA)) with Professor Gregory R. Ciottone, where now is a Faculty Member.

He has substantial experience as a healthcare advisor for Governmental Agencies (as for example REA – European Commission and World Health Organization (WHO)) and private companies (from start-up to Companies with Mkt Cap >50B).

Dr. Bortolin has worked as Adjunct Professor and as Graduated Teaching Assistant with several Italian universities. Lecturer for the Fellows of the BIDMC Fellowship in Disaster Medicine (BIDMC is a Harvard teaching hospital), he was invited as a speaker at several congresses.

He is the author of books (one with the WHO) and several other publications.

In CRIMEDIM, Michelangelo is involved in different emergency medicine, prehospital medicine, and disaster medicine projects and activities.