nikolaos markou-pappas

Medical doctor graduated from Bari English Medical Course of the Università degli Studi di Bari (2020) defending a thesis in Emergency Surgery entitled “Hospital Preparedness to face Major Emergencies: Surge Capacity”. 

He holds a master’s degree in European Master in Disaster Medicine during which focused his thesis work in studying Key Performance Indicators trying to contribute to the standardization of the response in mass casualty incidents (MCIs) in the pre-Hospital setting.

Nikos has gained important experience in the humanitarian field, specifically in the migration crisis through the central Mediterranean route having worked both as Search And Rescue medic and as a doctor in the quarantine ferries of the Italian charter of the Red Cross.

Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the International Doctoral Program in Global Health, Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Medicine where his work focuses in the study of the implementation of the concept of the trauma system by civilian humanitarian actors in future armed conflicts. His research interests find him following closely the activities of the WHO Emergency Medical Teams initiative and align perfectly with his aspiration to become a trauma and emergency surgeon working in conflict settings.